Kathleen Willey who was very much involved in the Bill Clinton sex scandal is back for another kick at the family in the form of a new book published today, ‘TARGET: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton’. This new ‘tell all’ could well signal trouble for Hillary Clinton’s presidential efforts. 

Among the revelations that could adversely effect Hillary Clinton are, Campaign finance violations, and revelations concerning threats and harassment from both the Clintons directly, and through their minions. According to reports circulating, Kathleen names, names.

This could just be a case of throwing Cow Patties at the wall to see what sticks, and it will be interesting to see both the Clinton official comments, and what shakes down from the tree’s.

The publishing of this book was delayed because of a mysterious event last September where her home was broken into and the draft manuscript was removed. The conspiracy theorists had a field day, but one has to wonder if there might not be some credibility to Kathleen’s story as a result.

Any which was you look at it, it should lead to some interesting public commentary.

Simon Barrett


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