Karunanidhi the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has been challenging the Indian Law enforcement and daring them to take action against him for his communal remarks regarding Rama.


Karunanidhi though born in the Hindu Community and sports a Hindu name, is a self admitted atheist. He therefore is not a Hindu. A non Hindu passing the kind of remarks on Hindu religious characters is a communal act punishable in Indian law.


It is ironic that Karunanidhi, a person who practices bigamy which is illegal in India  and is commenting on Rama who is considered a Maryaada Purushottama and a practitioner of Eka Patni Vrata (Single Wife for Life). He has no credibility to even discuss Rama and Ramayana for academic purpose. To raise questions  like Was a Civil Engineer? From which Engineering College did he graduate? And now to say that Rama is as big a lie as Himalayas or Ganges, is an indication that Karunanidhi is not in command of his mental faculties. 


The developments now rise two additional questions.  One is that If Karunandhi’s statements are “inflammatory”, “Derogatory of a religion” and  “Spreading disharmony in the community”,  is he not liable under the Indian Penal Code to be arrested and jailed before large scale unrest is created in the community. Second is that if his mental senility is questionable, is he fit enough to be a Chief Minister? And will the Governor of Tamil Nadu  review the eligibility of a communal and suspected senile person being in charge of a state.



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