Another short one, while Offstumped is indisposed, for all of you to dig futher into. The BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh had something to boast of today with a prize SIMI catch.  

Among the prominent SIMI leaders arrested were Shibly Peedicaal Abdul, wanted in connection with Mumbai train serial blasts of July 2006, former SIMI Chief Safdar Nagori and his brother Kamruddin Nagori, chief of the outfit’s operations in Andhra Pradesh.

What caught Offstumped’s attention in the PTI story was the urgency with which Karnataka responded to this news

Karnataka DGP K Srinivas told PTI over phone from Bangalore that a team of policemen has been despatched to Indore to interrogate Shibly

With the recent arrests in Bangalore and other places of individuals linked to MITA Muslim Information Technology Professionals’ Association the SIMI factor is bound to play up in the run up to the Karnataka polls in May.

The TOI dwelt at length on the life story of one of those arrested in Feb, a Mohd Asif. Of particular interest is how Asif comes in contact with an Adnan, a SIMI activist.

Asif and Asaduallah’s life took a dramatic turn after they met Adnan alias Hafeez, a native of Bijapur, at Bangalore while processing their application to avail of loans from the Muslim Education Trust (the trust has a local office in Bangalore). 

It is worth noting that the circumstances of this happenstance are not examined in much detail in the rest of the story. Here is one angle that needs to be explored further.

Was it merely happenstance or is there more to the Muslim Education Trust that brought Asif and Adnan together ?

Why is this question germane of an entity with an objective of educational development of the Muslims community in India ?
Well consider the source of the funds for the two front organizations here -Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The front organizations have a commendable record of giving out scholarships, but a couple of aspects should give reason to probe this happenstance further.

For IDB Scholarships, applicants are interviewed in order to get the correct picture of their economic condition and Islamic bent of mind and then to judge the eligibility for the scholarships

the list of the candidates are forwarded to IDB, Jeddah for final selection

Is a perfectly legitimate organization with noble intentions being subverted as a front for scouting potential recruits that meet the twin criteria of economic deprivation and Islamic bent of mind ?

Question to ponder as the SIMI factor looms large on Karnataka in the run up to polls.


Offstumped is written by Yossarin from the Indian National Interest


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