Terrorism takes center stage with the recently arrested SIMI activists on their way to Bangalore for narco-analysis and the confession by Sababuddin on his involvement in the IISC attack, Offstumped takes a hard look at the anti-terrorism record of the erstwhile SM Krishna led Congress government.

In the aftermath of 2006 IISC attack this story appeared in the New Indian Express on the role played by a Government doctor and SIMI activist in Gulbarga. Recounting how the district police braved political pressure the story relates to the COD’s performance on a series of incidents from 2000

The COD had done a splendid job in the church blast cases.It unearthed the plot of terrorists to create hatred among various communities by bombing a church in Wadi, near here and also to blow up vital installations and communication facilities.Though the S M Krishna government and the then home minister Mallikarjun Kharge had promised to set up special courts to try the cases, nothing of the sort could happen, thanks to lack of political will of powers that be.

To refresh everyone’s memory

July 11th 2000 then director-general of police [DGP] C. Dinakar told PTI a cash award of 500,000 rupees for those providing information leading to arrest of culprits involved in the three explosions targetting churches in Hubli, Wadi and Bangalore.

July 15th 2000 arrested two persons in connection with the 8th July bomb blast at the St Lutheran [as received] Church at Hubli in North Karnataka

17th August 2000 the Hindu had this story on the COD completing investigation and revealing the role played by the chief of the Deendar Channabasaveshwara Siddique organisation, Zia-ul- Hassan, and his son Zaheed Pasha, based in Pakistan, masterminded the blasts. The story also goes into great detail on a formal proposal to the State Government to set up a special court to try all the cases.

Then comes this story from October of 2000 on the filing of chargesheets in jurisdictional courts, the proposal for special courts having been shot down by the then SM Krishna Government.

In 2005 the cases were still being tried in the City Sessions Courts with witnesses being examined and evidence being recorded.

If you were wondering what happened between the filing of charges in 2000 and 2005, this story from 2003 goes into great detail how the SM Krishna Mallikarjuna Kharge duo dragged their feet on the setting up of a special court.

So what happened of these 4 cases ?

This story from December 2007 on the review of ban on Deendar Anjuman confirms the worst

Prosecution lawyer HN Nilogal, special counsel for Government of Karnataka, said that four cases of church blasts in Bangalore are being tried in Special court at Parapana Agrahara. Five cases are being tried in a Hubli local court, one in Tumkur and one in Saundatti (Belgaum district) is under investigation. “The accused are in jail and they are members of Anjuman,” said Mr Nilogal.

That folks is how the Congress under SM Krishna scuttled the excellent work done by the police by dragging its feet on speedy prosecution of Terrorism and condemning the process to an already overworked judicial system that views of acts of terrorism as being no different from breakdown of law and order.

Offstumped Bottomline: As Karnataka goes to polls and a unimaginative Congress high command recycles SM Krishna as its Chief Ministerial choice the people of Karnataka must take a hard look at his anti-terrorism record. Will they rather have the battled against terrorism be undermined and diluted by a lack of political will or will they seek a Government that will not shy away from makng tough choices to do the “Right” thing.


Offstumped is written by Yossarin from the Indian National Interest


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