A brief round-up of hot topics while Offstumped remains indisposed.

The BJP seems hell bent on taking a suicidal path in Karnataka. First it was the populism of free power and now it is the parochial politics of Cauvery water sharing. If Narendra Modi in Gujarat showed the way on how to collaborate with Rajasthan to share natural resources the BJP in Karnataka seems determined to turn the clock back on Karnataka politics.

Offstumped warning to the BJP in Karnataka

There are no winners in the water wars of the parochial kind

It aint enough to have Narendra Modi campaign in Karnataka if the lessons of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance are lost in the run up to the assembly elections.  

Where is the out of the box thinking ?

Where is the innovation ?

Karnataka needs a vision for improving local civic Governance in the urban centers and innovative Public-Private Partnerships for the rural sector.

The sooner B.S. Yeduriyappa gets his act together the better for the BJP.

Some interesting insights from Below Poverty Line data from Karnataka

Take a look at the parts of Karanataka that made it to Rahul Gandhi’s itinerary.

Chamarajnagar had about 71,000 BPL families.

Gadag had only 20,000 BPL families

Dharwad about 21,000 BPL families

Bagalkot 53,000

Bijapur 56,000

The most poor districts of Belgaum with 1.6lakhs, Gulbarga with 1.91 lakhs, strangely did not figure in his “discovery tour”. In fact of the 5 most poor districts in Karnataka only Raichur figured in his tour with the exception of the wildlife safari in Mysore

For a party which intends to have the poor firmly in its vice like grip with both hands, one wonders why the “heir apparent” was kept away from the most poverty ridden areas of Karnataka, any guesses ?

In closing Offstumped response to Rahul Gandhi’s new slogan

Haan ek haath se gala thodi dabega, garibon ke gala dabaane ke liye “Congress ke dono haath saath chahiye”


Offstumped is written by Yossarin from the Indian National Interest


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