Hot off the press, an interview with B.S. Yedyyurappa by

It appears that the BJP has got the message from Offstumped, excerpts from the interview below

What will be the prime focus of the BJP if voted to power in Karnataka?

Development, development and development. We have a separate plan for Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka. Bangalore is congested and it seems investors are shying away from here. We need a better plan for Bangalore. For the rest of the state, we have an entirely different plan. We plan to provide more infrastructure to rural Karnataka and bridge the divide in society. There are a lot of expectations and responsibilities and we will fulfill each one of them. I want to make Karnataka a model state.

We want to start afresh and keep the past at bay as we need to progress.

We do not need the miseries of the others to win elections. We have the capacity to do so based on our own achievements.

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