Dear Shri SM Krishna, Mallikarjuna Kharge, Jaffer Sharief

Let me first congratulate you on the bounty of 3 crores your party has netted through application fees from budding MLA wannabees. With a 10,000 Rs entry barrier you have enlightened us the Aam Admi that only the Khaas Admi can take care of us. Dhanyavaad to you and all those Khaas Admi who are vying with each other to be our maai-baap.

Let me also congratulate you on releasing your manifesto with seven main programmes targeting me the Aam Admi.

I gather that you want to sell me the Aam Admi 25 kgs of rice at Rs two per kg since I am below the poverty line. Now the Rural Ministry informs me from the 2002 BPL Census that there about 19lakh families like mine who would be eligible for this. I also gather from the National Sample Survey that me and my 19lakh fellow households in Karnataka consume around 6 kgs of rice on an average per person per month spending around 54 Rs. or 9 Rs per Kg. Now most of us have families averaging 5 to 7 people so we still have to buy 5 to 12 Kgs of rice in the open market spending 45 Rs to 98 Rs.

So Dhanyavaad for the Rice largesse but no you are not solving my problem what is worse you are probably going to encourage some of us to consume less rice and suffer malnutrition.

Now I am not sure if you have been paying much attention to the BPL Census that your government in New Delhi has been collecting data on. For if you did pay attention you would have noticed from the average monthly income data that most us poor in Karnataka earn less than 500 Rs a month.

While you may have saved me Rs 225 with the 25kgs of rice my problems are not going away. Now when you asked us what kind of assistance we have a preference for while conducting your census, we thought you actually were going to do something about. But it appears that you chosen to take the easy way out.

So Dhanyavaad again for the free Color TV. Since we cannot pay for cable we will enjoy our malnourishment with free fare from Doordarshan while wondering whatever happened to providing us with creating avenues for us to be Self Employed or Trained with better skills as most of us indicated in the Census.

You have ignored the majority of us (7.3 lakh households to be precise) who wanted to be in control of our destiny and just wanted you the Government to merely create opporutinities to pander and appease a minority (5.96 lakh households) who wanted to be dependent on you the Government for subsidies.

Now you also go out of your way to provide Housing (Houses for 15 lakh homeless families would be built in five years) which only 2.7 lakh of us wanted and loan subsidies (interest on loans to farmers, women self-help groups, potters, handloom weavers, fishermen and shepherds would not exceed three per cent) which only 40,000 of us wanted.

You have also ignored the fact that 2.51 lakh families like mine wanted nothing to do with the Government and expected no assistance.

So you have ignored the nearly 10 lakh of us who either wanted nothing or merely opportunities to be created to pander to the rest with subsidies while gifting us with a Color TV that none of us wanted in the first place.

So Dhanyavaad again for all this largesse that is completely off the mark as far as the majority of us BPL families in Karnataka go.

Let me close with a comment on the remark by SM Krishna that “Congress has the capacity to work out the resources

No doubt Mr. Krishna the Congress does have an incredible capacity to spend on misdirected populism, from NREGA to the drinking water scheme to Communal Socialism we have seen it all with the Manmohan Singh dispensation.

All the best for your election, I just have one question

When can I expect my free Color TV and can you also let me know in advance its features so I can ask my not so poort cousin to put it up for sale on E-Bay ?

Yours truly

A Below the Poverty Line Green Card Holding Aam Admi


Offstumped is written by Yossarin from the Indian National Interest


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