While on sabbatical Offstumped squeezed some time out to get this post in.

The election commission has announced that it will hold polls in Karnataka by end of May. That is a welcome decision. This election will be an analysts nightmare given that it is the first election after delimitation – the Indian way to gerrymandering.  Arent we proud of our democracy, while the Americans re-destrict in favor of incumbents by eliminating any demographic possibility of a political opposition ever emerging we delimit with no mercy to sitting politicians. Take the case of a delimited Karnataka as per the recommendations of the delimitation commission. Deve Gowda’s Lok Sabha seat Kanakapura is a casualty of the delimitation exercise and what you have now is a new constituency called Bangalore Rural.

With BJP’s strategist in chief Arun Jaitley overseeing the campaign and Narendra Modi already doing the rounds in campaign the BJP seems to have gotten its act together, it now needs to frame the election with the right issues, betrayal by the JD-S earns it the first consideration but it needs to make this about the future not the past. It needs to go beyond the betrayal and articulate a vision of governance for Karnataka that keeps pace with both – urban aspirations and rural expectations.

Coming to the Advani book launch, it was absurd to read media and congress reactions. Sardesai makes an ass of himself with questions that were more about confirming his own prejudices than about the book or Mr. Advani’s views. Neerja Choudhary in the rediff reminds of the intellectual vaccum in the media with her juvenile comments on Mr. Advani’s alluding to Narendra Modi being first among equals in the next generation in the BJP.

The worst reactions predictably have come from the Congress. To begin with it was utterly lacking in grace of the Congress to not have attended the book launch. How can one take the Prime Minister’s appeal to the BJP for supporting the Indo-US Nuclear dealwith any credibility if the Congress cannot even muster the basic courtesy expected in a bi-partisan polity. Be that as it may the comments of that minstrel, sycophant, courtier and clown Abhishek Manu Singhvi on the book launch event and Jaswant Singh are a sure sign that the moral and intellectual slide of the Congress is now complete and irreversible.  

Meghalaya is just the beginning, the Congress’ culture of sycophancy, arrogance and utter disregard for the Constitution will take it down the drain, the best efforts of the english language mainstream media to prop up Rahul Gandhi notwithstanding.

The countdown has begun folks,while on sabbatical Offstumped is still watching.

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