The Citizens of Karnataka are looking forward to a new trend in adminsitration at Karnataka following the election of BJP as the governing party. At such a time the dissidence arising due to ministry formation is a matter of disappointment for the public.

It is therefore time for us to reflect how such clamouring for ministerial berths can be addressed as a management problem.

Here are some thoughts.

It is necessary  for us to first identify the cause for the clamouring for the ministerial berths. It is understood that the number of ministerial berths are limited and hence some plan for optimization of resources is inevitable. Still there is dissatisfaction of one faction against the other since people donot agree on who is more deserving for the honour.

The reasons could be many. But four main reasons appear to be predominant.

1.It would be a Money making opportunity

2. It provides a sence of “Power”

3. It gives more opportunities for “Public Service”?

4. It is simply the feeling that another less deserving person got an opportunity

Since all four factors are responsible for  dissidence depending on the individual involved,  the soultion should be found for all these four reasons.

Like in all management problems, we may not be able to simultaneously find lasting solutions to all the four problems simultaneously. We need to address them on a prioritization basis and may be little steps at a time.

As a part of the solultion, we must first need to find a forum for collation of thoughts.

I suggest we use this forum and probably archive it at or a similar web based forum which is relatively less expensive to meet. 

More will follow.


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