As a follow up for the previous post regarding a management solution for dissidence in the Karnataka government and in the general interest of developing a new model of Governance in a State (Applicable to any state in India), the following thoughts are placed for public debate.

Presently, in any Government the first compromise to principles start because of electoral compulsions. There is a genuine feeling amongst good intentioned politicians that in today’s circumstances, it is not possible to win elections without the power of money and to some extent without the assistance of criminal elements. As a result, even at the time of ticket distribution, “Winnablity” becomes the criteria to select the candidates rather than “Aptitude for Public Service”.

Once elected, similar considerations some times prevail even in the selection of Ministers.

If this trend is not reversed, there is little future for honest politicians in Governance.  But this problem does not have an immediate solution and therefore we need to look at alternate less ideal solutions.

Performance Oriented Ministerial Term

This solution is based on the principle that we can forget the past and focus on the present. Once the less than ideal candidates are accommodated as candidates as well as Ministers, there is no choice but to utilize their services in the best possible manner.

Towards this direction, we need to make the Ministerial berth as a “Performance Oriented Reward for MLAs”. This means that if the perfomance is not adequate, the person should be changed as matter of principle.

Now that the BJP in Karnataka has adopted “Development” as the focus of it’s Governance, it is easy to develop parameters for performance of a Minister and continue him or discontinue him based on performance evaluation.

If such a performance evaluation is based on a transparent manner, the pressure on the CM would be reduced. Hence there must be a criteria for performance developed and periodical posting of performance on a website.

As a necessary part of this strategy it becomes inevitable that the new Ministers are first put on “Probation” say for 6 moths and then given an opportunity to continue for a further period based on the performance evaluation. 

The post probation period also need to be time bound .. say one year so that reviews become part of the process of continuance as a Minister.

This has a spin-off advantage that there is an automatic creation of vacancies and more number of aspirants can be accommodated during an assembly term of 5 years.

Those who retire would go back to party work and improve their credentials for a future appointment.

Let this be our Thought No 1… Performance based Continuance of Ministerial position.

More will follow.


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