Voting has commenced for the Karnataka Assembly elections. One of the important issues to observe is the vote percentage and whether there would be any significant increase compare to previous years.

The political scenario is very murky with the choice available to voters being limited. There is BJP the ruling party which has been discredited with “Lack of Governance”, KJP which is discredited with “Corruption in Karnataka” and Congress which is discredited with “Corruption in all places”, and JDS which is discredited with “Mafia culture”.

Voters are therefore left to decide if they have to file a “I don’t want to vote for any candidate” option by using the appropriate form or select the best candidate amongst the available.

In case there are candidates who are known to be not corrupt and are interested in the welfare of the people, they should be voted irrespective of the fact that they may not belong to one of the leading parties even if this leads to a hung assembly. A hung assembly with a high percentage of good candidates is better than a stable, corrupt government.

I hope Karnataka Voters will raise to the occassion and send the maximum number of non corrupt and functioning candidates to the assembly.

Vijayashankar as voter of Karnataka 

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