With only a few days before the first phase of elections in Karnataka to be held, Concerned Citizens are in search for the right candidate who deserves their vote.

There are one section of voters who are firm in their conviction and they will support their choice party irrespective of what happens between now and the elections.  This will include voters who support Congress because they like Sonia Gandhi, those who support BJP because they feel it is a betrayed party and also those who vote for JDS because they like the Deve Gowda Clan.  This loyalty is party and party leader based and does not depend on the local candidate.

But a large number of voters do excercise their franchise on the basis of the stature of the “Candidate”… whether he is known in the locality for social work, whether he has a criminal record, what caste he belongs to, which religion he belongs to etc.In many constituencies, the record of the candidates is not easily available to the voters and hence they often vote blindly.

We need to therefore use some method by which voters get the right kind of information.I therefore propose that each voter should we build a score card for the candidates in his constituency and then take an informed choice.

In order to guide the voters in this exercise, I am trying to build the following template.

Constituency:……….. Rate on a Scale of -10 to +10


CongressName… BJP Name… JDS Name… OtherName…
Past Record as MLA/MP/Local social Worker        
What is his Criminal Record?        
How Much of ill gotten wealth he has amassed        
Loyalty to a Political Party/ Philosophy        
Can he be trusted for his promises?        
Educational Background        
Accessibility as a Public Servant if elected        
My Subjective Preference (Caste, Religion, Gender or any other)        
Total Score        

The maximum total score above is +80. In order to add the Party preference, voters may add 20 points for their party of preference which accounts for national policies of the parites, national leadership etc. It is suggested that there can be a negative marks on this account to the extent of -20 if the voter thinks that a party is undesirable because of its national policies.

I invite each reader to pick a constituency (Details available at http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in  or http://search.eci.gov.in/ae_2008e/   and complete the above questionnaire and mail to naavi@vsnl.com.

I shall put it up on the web at www.naavi.org for public information. Kindly provide your name. In case you are a resident of any constituency, you are welcome to provide your address and contact details.

The e-mail address or name would not be revealed if the sender so desires. (Please indicate in the e-mail whether it can be revealed).

Voters can use the template to create their own score sheet and chose the candidate with the lowest negative score or highest positive score.

I also invite good Samaritans in each constituency to print this scoring sheet and the instructions (If necessary this entire article) and distribute it in their constituency. In rural side a Kannada version needs to be created.

Candidates are welcome to send in their self assesment of their score sheets.

I hope this will be the contribution of Netizens to the conduct of a useful election this time.


Naavi can be reached through www.naavi.org and naavi@vsnl.com

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