The recent communical clashes in Mangalore Karnataka, opens up a need to regulate Conversions.In recent days Christain missionaries have become aggressive marketers of “Faith in Jesus” and this is the root cause of the clashes we are seeing in Karnataka as well as Orissa.

While there is no justification for the violence in this regard, it also indicates the distrust of the  public in the political leadership of the Country.

As there are leaders like Devegowda, Mallikarjun Kharge and others who remained silent when the nation was mourning the death of severl people in the bomb blasts and became active when they saw furniture being broken in Churches, public will not trust the system and there will be a tendency to take law into own hands. 

In order to find a solution to this problem while  the Politicians need to learn to be faithful to the public good rather than vote bank politics, we also need to move a legislation in Karnataka called “Regulation of Religious Conversions Act” (RRCA).

Whenever religious conversions take place, there is often a change of name and therefore the identity of the person. This requires changes in the PAN Card, Passport, Voter’s Identity, Ration Card identity etc.Change of religion also affects the person’s legal status in terms of property inheritence, marraige and divorce aspects.

Conversion also provides many “Reservation Benefits” which are automatic financial incentives for conversion.There should also be a proepr mechanism to track flow of funds from abroad for the “Religious Marketing” and should be adequately taxed. 

Since “Conversion” affects the legal status of the person in the community under several laws and the community has the right to demand that there should be a legislative regulation of the process of conversion.This should include filing of an affidavit and personal appearance in a Court, advertisement for public notice, and a mandatory cooling periond of around 45 days for objections to be filed by public against the conversion. 

Such a process will reduce the tension in the communities.

I suggest Karnataka Government to take suitable action in this regard.   

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