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Congress has always been a formidable force in Karnataka. It lost the popular base only because during the Dharmsingh’s tenure it suffered from lack of Governance, as well as corruption and infighting.

With the fall of BJP, the natural beneficiary has to be Congress. Working on the traditional Muslim vote bank and supported by individual leader’s vote banks based on sub castes, and some votes from those who are disgruntled with BJP, Congress is likely to gain significantly during this election as compared to the past.

However the infighting in the party has not ceased and the only respected leader Mr S.M.Krishna is forced to the background. Despite some last minute attempts to patch up, it is unlikely that the party can garner enough support to be able to get a win on it’s own. The problems at the national level will only make it difficult for the party to take any advantage by presenting Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi to the electorates of Karnataka.

Congress  may still emerge as the largest party in the next assembly and with the support of the Governor may be in a good position to put together a UPA type of coalition with the support of KJP and JDS to form the next Government. This may not be good for the people of Karnataka but looks to be the most likely scenario.

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