Karnataka is going for the assembly elections in May 2013 to elect the new Government to replace the current BJP Government. This is one of the most confusing elections from the perspective of the voters since the choices before them are not clear.

I am trying to give here my own perspective of the situation just to place a few issues in front of people.

Karnataka earlier had three major parties namely the Congress, BJP and the JDS. In the last election BJP led by Mr Yeddyurappa had won a near majority and was able to form a Government on its own with a few members brought from other parties.  This victory was influenced by the betrayal of JDS during the earlier term which had created a wave of sympathy for BJP. In the current elections, BJP has split and Mr Yeddyurappa has formed his own outfit called KJP. Additionally another splinter group of BJP is led by Mr Sriramulu which may not however be very significant in the current elections. These developments have completely fractured the party loyalties of even the voters and it appears that the votes will be divided between the four major parties at least outside Bangalore.

Most voters would look at “Zero Based Decision Making” completely giving up their past loyalties and taking a fresh decision based mostly on the strength of the candidates in question. Hence even new entrants and independent candidates will be able to make a significant impact on the outcome.

In Bangalore, a new choice has emerged in the form of the Loksatta party which is aiming to attract the attention of the educated voters. This party is formed by Dr Jayaprakash Narayan who was an IAS officer from AP and has promised a new political culture. It is understood that this party is sympathetic to the Arvind Kejrival’s Aam Admi Party which of course has no presence at present in Karnataka. The Karnataka unit of the Loksatta party was one of the earliest of the parties to announce its candidates for the Bangalore City and has launched its manifesto also. Recently they have also announced candidates in some rural constituencies. The list of candidates announced present some interesting names. including a former IIMB professor, HR Consultant in an IT Company, Doctors, Entrepreneurs etc.

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As A Voter in Karnataka

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