On September 4th, CBS Records will release Karmina’s debut EP “The Kiss” featuring the title track, which is bound to get some airplay. Karmina is one of the first acts signed to the newly formed CBS Record label.

If you are a fan of Vanessa Carlton, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore and Aly & AJ, then add Karmina to you’re A-list. Not to be confused with The Karmína Ensemble (a Czech group that plays music of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods), this dynamic duo is purely American, unmistakably pop and extremely talented. Karmina is a family affair with sisters Kelly on Keyboards and Kamille on guitar and both adding their sweet voices to each track.

Karmina literally means song, and that is what these sisters do best. Unlike most acts in the pop genre, these charismatic sisters write, sing, produce, and perform their own songs. And not only do they both hold degrees from the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, but have taught music classes as well. Both Kelly and Kamille have both taught songwriting classes at Santa Monica College.

“We always wanted to be the best at what we do,” Kamille insists. “But we wanted to know what we were doing – this wasn’t a hobby for us, we weren’t dilettantes — so we made a point to learn everything we could.”

Even though they are still in their early twenties, Kelly and Kamille are hardly the new kids on the block. Their passion for music goes back to their teens and at the ages of 14 and 15, these two were playing live gigs on the San Francisco club scene with their biggest fan and roadie (Dad) cheering them on. After moving to L.A, it didn’t take long before Karmina immersed themselves into the local music scene, playing such clubs as The Viper Room, the Knitting Factory, and the House of Blues. This is where they caught the eye of emerging television network’s The CW and The WB. Their songs appeared on The CW’s’ “Girlfriends” and the WB’s “Summerland”.

In 2006, CBS Records was just get their acts together; they were looking for the right talent to represent. They got wind of these young talented ladies and after hearing their demo tape, they were quick to add them to their roster of rising stars including PJ Olsen, The Wilshires, Will Dailey and Senor Happy.

“We couldn’t imagine life without music,” Kelly says. “We want to make music that lifts the spirit and has a positive effect on everyone that hears it.”

These girls are oozing talent and it’s about time they got the National attention they deserve. Soulful, seductive and smart, this EP “The Kiss” is just a sampling of more to come and just like a kiss, Karmina’s music stirs up delightful emotions leaving you wanting more.

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