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Karat reads the riot act to Pranab Mukherjee and Sonia Gandhi.

IAEA talks in jeopardy as Al Baradei arrives.

The 30-minute meeting with CPI-M’s Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury came on the eve of the next round of discussions of the UPA-Left committee set up to address the Left parties’ concerns over the deal. Senior Congress leaders and Union Ministers Pranab Mukherjee and A K Antony as also Political Secretary to AICC President Ahmed Patel also joined the meeting at Gandhi’s 10, Janpath residence on Monday evening.

Offstumped believes the sequence of events have come to a climax. In all likelihood the feeding tube will be removed and life support ended for the UPA Government. The only open question is how long the Minority Government will totter till elections are eventually called.

While the events play out in Delhi between the CPI-M and Congress, Offstumped recounts the sequence of events that got us here:

7th August The Left Nukes 123 Agreement

12th August Offstumped starts counting down the draw of curtains, indicates time is running out for Rahul Gandhi

13th August Pranab Mukherjees betrays nervousness, confirms the wedge with the Left

14th August Offstumped highlights failure of Political Leadership in selling the 123 Agreement to the country at large

18th August Offstumped marks the beginning of Life Support to the UPA Government, indicates imminent internship of Rahul Gandhi

20th August Left and Congress engage in a Game of Bluff

21st August Ronen Sen’s remarks make him a sacrificial lamb

23rd August Offstumped analyses Prakash Karat’s project of Brinkmanship

23rd August Week after Life Support

25th August First look at the Lok Sabha battleground

30th August Manmohan Singh forced to accept UPA Left Committee on Nuclear Deal

4th Sept The UPA Left Committee on Indo-US Nuclear Deal is constituted

13th Sept Congress suffers affidavit shock on Ram Sethu issue

24th Sept Rahul Gandhi’s Internship begins as predicted

25th Sept Congress compares Rahul Gandhi to Dhoni highlights bankruptcy of accomplishment

26th Sept Congress attempts to associated NREGA with Rahul Gandhi, BBC exposes Congress failures

26th Sept Offstumped highlights how dysfunctional UPA Government had become while on life support

27th Sept More Rahul Gandhi spin some levity

29th Sept Offstumped exposes culture of entitlement perpetuated by NREGA as Congress prepares for polls

1st Oct First signs of CPI-M preparing for likely polls

Then finally 7th Oct when Sonia Gandhi called those whose opposed the Nuclear deal enemies of development at a rally in Jhajhar in Haryana.

Sit back and watch the Great Indian Political Drama climax….

Offstumped will be there with you all the way


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