This is the third post under this suggested approach to Governance in Karnataka which has for the first time come under the Governance of the BJP party.

We have already discussed the need for a “Performacne Based Minsiterial Term” so that only those minsiters who are good in adminsitration will continue for a long term and others pave the way for replacements.

In order to implement this plan we need to develop a proper system for rating the performance of Minsiters and ensure that the system is transparent for the public to follow.

There can be a subjective assessment through monthly rating poll through the website with registered observers. But this can only be a short term measure untill a proper objective evaluation model is developed.

The model has to take into account the developmental objectives for each minsiter and his level of achivement. There has been earlier evaluation models for social governance and perhaps we need to adopt one such model. We need to identify certain indicies of development such as  Infrastructure indicies for different infrastructural services such as Roads, Electricity, Water, PDS etc and monitor the developments every month.

Where necessary, the monitoring agency may have to extract information under RTI regularly.

All the information has to be made available on a website so that public can monitor the developments and participate in the evaluation of the Government and its Minsiters.

The second thought for the project is therefore development of a suitable Index of Governance.

Perhaps IIM Bangalore should take the lead to develop a model for a “Composite Index of Governance” to help the process of evaluation. A task force may be put together for development of this index.

Until such time as the objective index is developed, there has to be a public opinion based subjective index where a set of a cross section of people vote to express their evaluation. May be some of the Exit Poll experts would work towards developing a “Monthly Public Opinion Index”

We hope that NGOs capable of undertaking such exercises may start working at these suggestions and contribute towards Karnataka developing a model administration which would be better than the Modi Model which is otherwise considered to be a successful model.


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