Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this. For he is the agent forcing this change. And whilst he’s with us, he will do just that.

That was Karan Thapar in the Hindustan Times speculating on the future of the 3rd term Chief Minister of Gujarat and the BJP’s rising star.

Even by the most charitable of explanations it is impossible to interpret Thapar’s remarks as anything but speculating on a possible mishap here.

It is inconceivable how a journalist of Thapar’s calibre would be so flippant and and unremorseful of such macabre speculation. A simple phrase like “god forbid” could have reflected some concern on Thapar’s part to such an undesirable event.

Instead Thapar’s multiple references to such a mishap reflect the callous attitude with which his ilk are viewing the rise of Narendra Modi.

Given the sequence of events unravelling across the border in Pakistan, one cannot help but view Thapar’s remarks as plain mischief mongering.

If CNN-IBN and Hindustan Times want to remain viable media houses with a semblance of credibility they must fire Karan Thapar forthwith for this callous, suggestive mischief mongering of the worst kind.

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