The MTV music video awards were presented last night and it was actually a turn of events for me. Being that I am a film graduate and I also own my Music Company and studio, I tend to always watch this event. Besides Rob Dyrdek and Nitrous Circus, I watch no MTV. Funny enough VH1 was also broadcasting the event. I watch enough of that, to kill myself with.

The MTV VMA’s began with the same old dance and routine that we’ve had to endure the last month, a tribute to the king pop Michael Jackson. Madonna came to the stage and presented this well rehearsed speech about some encounter with Mike. Like when they were watching a movie and he grabs her hand. She seemed scared when she said that and followed it with “Something very innocent about his touch.” She exits the stage and that’s when the real deal begins. Dancers from every where copying the same routines that Michael did in his videos. Then the mother load hit the floor. His sister Janet comes out imitating their same moves from their video together. The crowd goes crazy and everyone cries. What? Why? He was a great musician, that’s a given. But Madonna said “He was a king.” What? Why?

After following our regularly scheduled commercials, they present the first award. Best female music video. The recipients consisted of a great deal of talent. You had the confused Pink. The demanding Byonce. And the scared out of her mind, Taylor Swift. The winner is announced and it is Taylor Swift. Considering that she has managed to sell out tours and make millions of fans and cash in the summer alone, let’s me know she deserved it. But some had other opinions. Being that I run my own independent music label and love to engineer music, I tend to look up to certain producer’s for their talent and contribution to music. Kanye West was one of them, until last night. As Taylor Swift was ready to give her thank you speech. Kanye jumps on stage and takes the MIC from her, and let’s the crowd know how he felt, by saying that Byonce should have won it. “She made one of the best videos ever.” Kanye says before handing Taylor back the microphone. In my personal and professional opinion, having dealt with different musicians is that Kanye West is a douche bag. You respect everyone in your field, no matter what. He saw an innocent scared little “white” girl and he felt superior. How disrespectful of a professional millionaire representing the music industry. After the horrible encounter of Katrina, he went on to say that “George Bush does not like black people.” In my opinion Kanye West does not like white people, oddly enough because his companies are ran by “white people.”

Moving on too the next performer, the insanely and profound Lady GaGa. Before last night I thought she was the most annoying girl goggled this year. Until her performance
last night. The night belonged to her. Her performance of “Paparazzi” was chilling. As she ended up tangling from a rope with her designer lace dress an face covered in blood. After that she was wearing a laced outfit covering her entire face, with a red crown on. RIght After Eminem presented her with her moon man for best new artist, she was wearing a bird’s nest around her face.

Even though I cannot stand the band Green Day, they gave a very energetic performance. Byonce’s performance was a bit played out, and her dancing skills have gone down. Then P-Ditty came to the stage to announce best male hip hop video. As he called out the recipients, he mentioned Kanye West and the crowd went bananas. They started booing and yelling. P-Ditty just stood there with a smile saying “damn!!!” MTV discarded Kanye’s performance as he became the new Chris Brown. Jay-Z did well as always and even though I’m a Boston Red Sox fan, I still enjoy the NY native’s music. And Pink was able sing fully through a rib crunching funny trapeze act. Never missed a beat. At the end Byonce is called for best female artist, and instead of giving an overly drawn thank you speech, she decides to shock the viewers. She asks Taylor Swift to come on stage and she gives Taylor the MIC after saying “I remember my first moon man.” Taylor thanks every one and the show ends.

The show went fairly well with the exception of Mr. West and his lack of professionalism. Considering that at the Source Hip Hop awards, they’re were threats and fights and guns pulled out. I’m a hip hop fan till I die, I make and engineer beats for hip hop artists. It’s a shame because Kanye is an extremely talented musician, just not a professional one I guess. My biggest upset of the night is that the Kings of Leon lost to Green Day. What? Why? Kings of Leon are by far the best Rock band of the year, hands down.


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