A plaza in Kansas City has become an eyesore for the residents in the area, and more importantly poses dangers due to contamination by the potentially deadly carcinogenic, asbestos. The Citadel Plaza is so contaminated by asbestos that it has been claimed that even mowing the grass could be dangerous.

According to reports the overgrown plaza would require workers to wear protective gear even if cleaning up the grass, and then air samples would have to be taken to make sure that the asbestos had not become airborne, which is when it becomes dangerous.

Residents are becoming angry about the dangerous and unsightly plaza, with one local resident stating: “It truly is a mess. It’s a serious matter that needs to be dealt with diligently without fail because there’s been too many failures there already.”

In 2006 the developer of the plaza was found to have buried lots of asbestos laden debris there, and has since been ordered to get it cleared up. However, industry officials have said that lack of money has meant that the project has still not moved forward.

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