Britney let her fingers do the talking by informing Soon-to-be-ex-husband Kevin Federline (link) that their marriage was Dunzo.  Kevin was working hard…..sorry I had to stop and laugh hysterically there for a moment…..shooting an episode of the reality show EXPOSED.  Much News has the actual footage (which can be seen by clicking the links above) as K-Fed gets more and more depressed typing furiously at a table, then he takes his microphone off and leaves the set coming back 30 minutes later looking sad and wilted. 

On Monday, the same day Britney was filing for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” in L.A., Kevin appeared on Much on Demand, talking candidly about his children and love for his wife.  He tells the host that the diamond in his pinky ring was the diamond that he first gave his wife but that when he replaced it with a bigger one, he made the pinky ring out of the old diamond.  He went on to give such now pathetic quotes about his wife saying “She really loves what I am doing right now…”,   “She’s really my number one fan”,   “She’s the one that’s been telling me to do it, do it….together we will take over the world.” 

Who says K-Fed can’t act?  Either he’s the King of Denial or he was lying himself a new one.  It’s hard to think that anyone hours away from a world-wide announcement that their wife was filing for divorce would be so overwhelmingly lovey-dovey and gracious.  Maybe that’s Hollywood, but after seeing his stunned deer-in-the-headlights expression on the clip I don’t think he thought that it was going to happen. 

It’s funny that his CD “Playing with Fire” is so aptly titled.  Well funny for Britney – not so much for K-Fed.  For people who want to see Kevin’s journey from clueless dope & loving spouse to learning-he-can-kiss-any-hopes-for-his-music-career-goodbye-ex the EXPOSED episode will air on November 25, 2006 at 9pm E.T. at

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