On August 17 a 5 year old boy, Giovanni Gonzalez was reported missing after his mother, Daisy Colon from East Boston tried to pick him up from a scheduled visit with his father. She became concerned when the father didn’t answer the door. Police were notified and they made their way inside the home and found the father inside.

The child’s father, Ernesto Gonzalez, 36, claims he didn’t have his son. There were reports that the man had been seen playing ball with his son the day before. He has refused to cooperate with the authorities and has been charged with child endangerment He is being held on a $500,000 cash bail.

Police have been searching now for the second week for the boy, tramping up steep slopes and probing underbrush with long poles and now have pulled out the K-9 cadaver dogs to assist in their search of the wooded areas on the Boston Street side of Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn. The State police say they are still considering this a search and rescue mission rather than a recovery mission.

State Police Lt. Elaine Gill said, “We are just trying to cover all the bases. When you have a missing childe you follow every lead and try to cover a good area.”

When the police searched Gonzalez’s apartment they found a bloody mop.  Apparently it had been cleaned with bleach. They have not determined the source of the blood on the mop yet. They also seized knives and the cap from a bottle of household cleaner that seemed to have blood traces on it from the apartment. Police discovered that Gonzalez had a cut on his hand but refuses to discuss it with them. They are afraid that it may be connected to the disappearance of the child.

Daisy Colon has went public to beg anyone that has any information about her son to please come forward so they can bring him home.

My heart and prayers are with you Daisy and I pray that little Giovanni is found and brought home safely.

Jan Barrett

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