bieberAs most of us know, Pop Star, Justin Bieber has made quite a name for himself lately by all the trouble he has been getting himself into. Personally he seems to me like he thinks he is untouchable and can do whatever he wants to do, whether it be legal or not.

As it stands right now, the Pop star is facing time in jail if he is found guilty on all the charges he has against him just in the state of Florida in January. The Florida State Attorney decided he would offer Bieber a plea bargain saying they would drop the DUI and resisting arrest charges if he will agree to certain stipulations. He would have to agree to:

1.    Plead no contest to reckless driving
2.    Complete 40 hours of community service
3.    Attend an alcohol education course
4.    Attend a “victim impact panel” (where relatives of DUI victims share their stories)
5.    Install an ignition interlock device for 4 months

The prosecutors also want Bieber to agree to submit to random drug testing no matter where he is, worldwide. He will be required to submit his travel plans to the court so the authorities can set up random testing where he happens to be, but this all will have to be at Biebers own expense. The testing will last between 6 and 9 months.

IF he agrees to these terms and passed the drug tests, the prosecutors will formally enter the reduced plea deal.

So now the question is … Can Justin Bieber remain drug free for 6 to 9 months? Or should he take his chances and go to trial on the charges he has against him right now. If he is found guilty he will more than likely go to jail. I am anxious to hear what he decides to do. It sounds to me like an offer he shouldn’t refuse considering the circumstances.

justin-bieber-billboardAfter the Canadian Hockey Team took victory over the U.S.A. team, Bieber went on Twitter and boasted that he was a Proud Canadian but seems his spirit was brought down when he heard about the Billboard erected in Chicago stating, “Loser Keeps Bieber” Minutes afterwards he posted, “I guess I am an easy target for some. I’m still human. I will continue to meet hate with love. It’s all about the music. Much love.”

Jan Barrett

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