Convicted Killer Denied Parole in Tampa

As reported in the Tampa Tribune this morning, Gary L. Tillman will remain behind bars at least until 2099.

Tillman, admitted attacking Marjorie Shannon, 22, as she used a pay phone outside a convenience store on August 1983, and then robbed the store.  Tillman stabbed Shannon 59 times.

After conviction in which he pleaded guilty Tillman was sentenced to life in prison.  Under Florida law, if you are sentenced to life in Prison you remain ineligible for parole.

It does give me a warm feeling in knowing that those who choose to kill others, and are found guilty in a court of law, will remain where they belong.  Robbing a convenience is still a far step from the murder an innocent bystander.  Once a person makes that first step, that first kill, they will not hesitate at a next.  They’ve crossed the line that separates what is right.

I most definitely am not the type to cheer the justice system as it stands in any way, but I know that tonight when I fill up with gas at my local store, Gary L. Tillman will not be there to mess up my night.

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