Justice Agim has made a huge blunder which will haunt his career-Says Serign Mansour Jagne!!

Agim Accused!!

By Serign Mansour Jagne,Legal Affairs Analyst.

Pa Nderry,

Justice Agim has made a huge blunder which will haunt his career at the Bench. He gave a very poor judgment and imposed prison sentences which were manifestly excessive. I just can’t understand how the whole 10 soldiers could be found guilty of treason. The evidence against them was so weak and in most cases not substantiated.

From my observation, this treason trial goes in the history books as the worst case ever tried in The Gambia. There was overwhelming evidence of torture against the 10 suspects which made their alleged confession unreliable. More over, most of the evidence the prosecution relied were just circumstantial. The Court Martial heard no real evidence of a coup plot against the Jammeh regime.

To make matters worse, the Court Martial relied on evidence which was sub- judicae, for example the evidence of alleged confession made on GRTS. The huge piece of evidence should have been rejected by the court because it was too prejudicial. The alleged suspects made these confessions without being cautioned as to the implications. Another interesting area to point out is the state’s decision to conduct 2 separate trials- The 10 soldiers were court-marshalled whilst the remaining 4 civilians are currently facing trial at the High Court.

Technically, yesterday’s verdict from the Court Martial will definitely prejudice the trial for the 4 civilian suspects. It does appear that the State were quite aware that the evidence against the coup suspects was so weak that they decided to conduct under the court martial proceedings. Since the alleged coup plot had civilians involved, the best option was to jointly arraign the 10 soldiers together with /the remaining Civilians in a Civilian Court as made in the trial of Dumo Saho, Lalo Jaiteh and others.

The verdict of the Court- Martial does have serious implications for the Civilian Trial. In a society where the rule of law, a judge in the court –martial would have suspended sentences until the completion of the trial involving the civilians. The rationale behind this is that there is a common nexus between the evidence tendered in the Court Martial and that of the Civilian Trial. Another an interesting aspect of the court –martial is that it has exposed the poor interrogation tactics conducted by the NIA. There was ample evidence against the coup suspects which in my opinion exposes the inability of the NIA and the Military personnel to conduct their interrogations without the use of torture. Justice Agim should make a report to the relevant authorities about the poor and barbaric forms of interrogations conducted by the NIA/ the military.

Finally, I wonder why this case was allocated to Justice Agim. The problem here now lies how can these 10 convicts exercise their right to appeal to the Gambia Court of Appeal At present, Justice Agim is the President of the Gambia Court of Appeal and technically has the power to hear their appeals. This case is a sham and the verdict is utterly wrong in law and fact. Serign Mansour Jagne.
By A Concerned Gambian


Thanks for the good job you and your paper is doing.You have done a good job by saving the lives of these coup plotters who were sentence to prison.The leakage of the news by the freedom newspaper before the judgement has change everything .Your paper right now is doing a good job and is now changing the directions of the government.From the president to down ,everyday they will read your paper and start to debate.All the news from your paper are 100% correct ,and we are all happy with the freedom.

Thanks. Concern Gambian.

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