The Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. has cancelled a book signing event with authors Steve and Cokie Roberts that promoted their new book, From This Day Forward. In scheduling the event the Opus Dei managed Catholic Information Center
added another example of incredulity to the ongoing Catholic struggle
with individuals that claim Catholicism as their faith, but engage in
activities and beliefs that are in contradiction to Church teachings.
In this case, Cokie Roberts has frequently spoken and written materials that contradict the Holy Father’s teachings regarding abortion and birth control.
is it that Catholic organizations continue to invite speakers and
groups to a Catholic environment that are contradictory to our sacred
teachings and moral values? The Catholic Information Center
has for many years provided superlative speakers and activities that
support the moral and ethical teachings of the Catholic Church.
However, in this period when organizations like the United States
Catholic Conference of Bishops are not diligent about the secular
groups and programs they support, the matter of Catholic prudence is
even more necessary.
Marginally Catholic
individuals, regardless of their media presence and their secular
popularity should never be invited to present any of their materials in
a Catholic environment under Catholic patronage. The management of the Catholic Information Center
used exceptionally good judgment in cancelling the book signing event.
However, the event should never have reached that point. Controversial
Catholics frankly have no place in events that are offered under the
auspices of a Catholic organization. Opus Dei as a worldwide group of
Catholic committed to Catholic principles and teachings should be more
selective when inviting speakers to its Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C.
The text of the Catholic Information Center’s letter is below:
In inviting Steve and Cokie Roberts to the CIC to present their book, From this Day Forward, we were unaware that some of the positions held by Ms. Cokie Roberts are inimical to the Catholic Faith and the support of our Holy Father that we hold very dear at the Catholic Information Center.
We are grateful for those of you who have taken the time to express
your concern and inform us. Our apologies go out especially to all who
may have been troubled by the scheduling of this event and the
confusion it may have occasioned. The event has been cancelled.
Catholic organizations have the
responsibility to scrutinize every aspect of a guest speaker’s
background and their personal opinions regarding Catholic Church
teachings. Most notably, any speaker that offers opinions that are
morally and ethically bellicose towards the Holy Father and his
teachings are especially not welcome outside of the Sacrament of
Reconciliation at any Catholic sponsored activities.
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