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New Misty Croslin Jail Video


Lisa: As soon as they find out what happened to Haleigh, everything will be different.

Misty: I know.

Lisa: I can’t believe they still believe, you know. It’s crazy.

Misty: It’s ridiculous, because they got my bond set so high just because of that and it’s not fair. This has nothing to do with it.

Lisa: I know.

Misty: That’s what they think I’m going to break. There’s nothing to break me on, so they need to leave me alone.

Hank Croslin Sr., Misty Cummings’ father, also enters the conversation.

Hank: We just need to find Haleigh.

Misty: I know.

Hank: That’s what we need to do.

Misty: I know.

Hank: If we can find Haleigh, it would be better for everybody.

Misty: I know. I’ve been, I sit and wonder every day, thinking, just trying to go back and think if I missed anything. I do. Every day. And it’s just not, dad, there’s nothing. I’m telling you. It’s hard.

Misty: God’s going to bring Haleigh home. God’s going to bring Haleigh home.

Lisa: That’s right.

The conversation later turned to the intense media coverage of her case.

Lisa: I think Mrs. Nancy Grace needs to keep her mouth shut until she knows her facts.

Lisa: That’s right. I don’t blame you at all. I mean they need to give you a nationwide apology.

Misty: They’re not going to put me down no more. I’m tired of it. I’m going to start standing up for myself.

Lisa: That’s what you need to do right there.

Lisa: Do you ever get to watch Nancy Grace?

Misty: No, we don’t. I’m glad.

Lisa: Well, yours and Chelsea’s and everybody’s phone calls are going to be on there tonight.

Misty: Oh, good.

Lisa: I know. This is all crazy.

TJ Hart

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