Just a couple facts you might have missed:

Sixty Catholic bishops (over one third of all bishops) have corrected Democratic politicians or lay groups associated with the Democratic party. Most of the corrections were either clarifying Catholic opposition to abortion (something that goes back to the Didache in the first century) or the importance of abortion as an election issue.

There has been little coverage of this in the mainstream media, and when it is covered, it is usually “balanced” by quotes from the press’ favorite dissident professors, or from groups funded by Obama supporters such as George Soros or foundations associated with the Democratic party.

So although any pastor who criticizes Obama’s pro abortion stance in the past is “breaking the barrier between church and state” and “promoting theocracy”.Don’t listen to that bishop in the corner. He is the enemy.

As for the pc nuns, priests and professors who want to impose their “American church” version of Catholicism on US Catholics, just ignore that a lot of their money comes from the same people behind the Obama campaign.


Nancy Reyes writes about human rights in Africa at Makaipablog.


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