Just yesterday, I ranted about statistics and how (for the right amount of money) some of them are manipulated to lead people to a particular conclusion.

To counter some recent statistical analysis, I used the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse’s, “chronology of data-breaches.” Please note, they have a disclaimer on this page clearly saying that their figures are merely an estimate.

This morning, I was reading the “Chronicles of Dissent,” which is a new site (off-shoot of PogowasRight.org) and I saw (what I consider) a very interesting post.

100 million records exposed? Nope, make that 1.76 billion and counting.

Apparently, this will be an upcoming topic at the Stanford Law School. I’m going to refrain from my usual “rolling commentary” because I truly feel people should read this post.

PogowasRight is now listed on the data-theft chronology put out by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse as a resource.

For anyone interested in privacy, both these sites are an excellent place to educate yourself.

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