The media play a key role in what the public learn about current events, including crimes against children. How are they handling the coverage of cases like Caylee Anthony, Haleigh Cummings, and Sandra Cantu? Are we hearing too much or not enough? What should we expect from the media in the way of fair and accurate reporting; and are we getting it?

On Wednesday, April 29, at 9 pm Eastern, I’m going to address those questions on my Blog Talk Radio show. 

My guests will be reporter TJ Hart of Florida talk radio station The Sky. Joining TJ will be Simon and Jan Barrett of Blogger News Network and Blog Talk Radio. 

TJ has been providing in-depth reporting on the Haleigh Cummings case for his station. He’ll provide an update on the status of that investigation, as well as a reporter’s perspective of the media’s performance in covering these stories.

Simon and Jan also follow the murdered and missing children cases closely; and have a weekly Sunday afternoon show on BTR dedicated to discussion of these tragedies.

Please join us on Wednesday evening at I’d love to have you call in with your questions or comments.  

Denny Griffin


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