The use of the Cavalry in the Civil War is a most curious story that few people understand. To help us delve into the subject we invited re-enactment specialist John Houck, and Cavalry expert John Vogt.

The south had a BYOH (Bring Your Own Horse) policy, if you turned up with s ‘riding horse’ you were a cavalryman. The union on the other hand supplied the horse.

It was not just the Cavalry that needed horses, they were needed to move supplies and equipment. One has to remember that the Horse was the engine that powered the farm. The loss of both the fit young men and horses from the farm left the women and children with a daunting task.

I rather like this painting, it shows the two common weapons. the hand gun and the saber. The saber was favored at the outset of war but was soon replaced by the gun.

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