This is sometimes a difficult subject to talk about. Confederate symbols, flags and statues have been under attack for several years. Organisations have hijacked the symbols for their own nefarious purposes.

Barry Isenhour was our guest and he said this….

We are citizens of the Commonwealth who stand AGAINST those who would desecrate our Confederate Monuments and memorials, and FOR our Confederate Veterans.
The Virginia Flaggers were organized on September 5, 2011. What began with just a few dedicated Southerners, has now grown to include hundreds of people, from all over the country, who have joined us in defending the honor of the Confederate Veteran, protesting Heritage violations, and forwarding the colors in Richmond, and Virginia… and beyond!

To quote Barry Isenhour

“I can bring light to the current situation on the Heritage movement fighting modern day politics trying to rewrite American history.”

You can listen here


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