A number of years ago I bumped into an author, Joel Moore. He had released a series of Civil War novels aimed at the Young Adult audience. Joel it turned out was a retired School Teacher who had a great interest in the Civil War. At the center of his books were the young boys that got involved, some as Drummer Boys, others who just lied about their age and went into combat anyway.

The books were well researched and well executed, great attention to detail had been payed. YA is a tough genre, actually all genres are tough. YA readers are constantly changing,

In August of 2018 I suggested that we should try to do a series of weekly radio programs on the civil war, we decided to ‘give it a try’ for 8 weeks and see how we liked it.

My concept was to have a guest each week, an expert on whatever the subject of the week was. My knowledge of the civil war was to say the least, limited. I grew up in England and coverage of the civil war in Grammar School was one 40 minute lesson in History Class.

I pondered the question of what subjects we should cover for several days. My brief research led me to believe that with few exceptions that exploring the stories of the major battles was treading on a well worn path. They have all been written about in such detail that I could see little value in re-litigating them.

I suggested to Joel that we explore some less well known and less well traveled pathways. The result is are guests included film makers, authors, researchers, historians, professors, musicians, re-enactors, basically a great cross section of experts in many aspects of the war.

We have accumulated about 25 hours of audio, there is a website in progress to curate the audio and other items (we have two books of original manuscripts), and lots of other interesting things and links.

In the meantime we have created a list of our broadcasts in PDF format Journey Into the Civil War links-1. Enjoy and I hope you will join us for season 2 slated for later in the year. Oh, and if you have a suggestion for a topic or guest please email me zzsimonb@gmail.com

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