Following up on my first article in the series of dishonest Cleveland Plain Dealer “journalist” Sheryl Harris, today’s article will address another question she refuses to answer regarding her coverage of payday lending.

Remember, I’m exposing bias in Harris’ “reporting”. It’s obvious that she only examined one side of this issue, and has never done a lick of research into short-term credit. I think, like most people, she heard about the product and bought right into the false narrative that opponents have been screeching for years. Because she’s lazy, and probably an ideologue, that was enough for her to form an opinion she thought readers might care about. Alas, only 4% of the population even uses payday loans. Nobody else does, so why they would care about the choices other people make, is beyond me. I guess if you write to 4% of your audience, who also don’t want you telling them what they shouldn’t do, that’s why your employer’s circulation plummets.

Anyway, since she won’t do her job, I’ll do it for her, since she told me, “I just don’t have the time for extended one-on-one debates, so my columns will have to speak for themselves.”

The second question I asked Harris, and that she refused to answer is: “A GWU study showed an 88% satisfaction rate with payday loans. Why haven’t you ever written about, or interviewed, any of the millions of satisfied customers?

Harris’ answer is: “I have never heard of that study because I never bothered to seek it out. I have never bothered to seek out any information that might support payday lending. Even though this study is methodologically sound and completely contradicts my own position, I am deliberately ignoring it. I have not done my job as a journalist”.

That’s okay, Sheryl. I’m doing it for you.

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