This week the team of Mannie Barling and Simon Barrett took a long hard look at some current cases. We were joined by ace news reporter TJ Hart, TJ has been involved in the News business for over three decades, and can be found on WOW-FM, Des Moines. We were also joined by Jan Barrett who writes about missing and abused children for Blogger News Network.

On air we explored three cases, the cases were all very different, yet there was a common theme. Has the ‘system’ failed? Sure, it is possible for people to make mistakes, everyone does. But are we faced with a systemic series of failures?

Did the 911 system break down for the Powell children? Why did it take the 911 operator 7 minutes to dispatch help? Why was the help only dispatched with a ‘normal priority’ rather than urgent?

As TJ Hart pointed out, it does not take much more than common sense to react to a call that says that children are in danger and there is a smell of gas!

If the Josh Powell disaster were not enough, we also looked at two other cases that are equally disturbing. 39 year old Missouri woman Bradie Simpson who slashed her 9 month old child’s throat. And the 7 year old wannabe serial killer!

All of these stories are beyond belief. Yet they are real.

If you missed the live program you can listen to the recording here.

You will also have the opportunity to learn some delightful ‘around the cooler’ trivia. Did TJ at one time work within the 911 system? And even stranger, did Jim Morrison of The Doors fame really whack a kindergarten class mate over the head with a small toy wooden mallet? If you do not listen, you will never know the answers to these important questions.

Simon Barrett  

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