This week on the program the team will be looking at three particular cases and asking the question, is the system broken?

The Powell family is merely the latest in a long series of cases where the outcome may have been avoidable had the authorities acted on available information. Why would a 911 operator appear to treat a call from a Social Worker concerned about two young children in imminent harm, with apparent indifference? Of course there is no way of telling if the result would have been different if the call had indeed been treated with the severity it deserved, one cannot rewind the clock and try again.

Equally baffling is the story this week of a 39 year old Missouri woman Bradie Simpson who slashed her 9 month old childs throat. Article here.

Reports say that Bradie Simpson, 39 years old, talked to a pastor, months ago, telling him that she thought she was possessed and might hurt her baby. In October she went to the First Baptist Church in Camdenton talking to pastor Bob AuBuchon yelling at him telling him, “Take my baby, Take my baby!”

AuBuchon said, “She more or less just tossed her baby into my arms and said, ‘Tie me down!’ and then she said, ‘Possession! Possession!’

He said she later stopped talking but she got a piece of paper and wrote, “Do not let me harm the baby.” AuBuchon said he prayed with her but when she tried grabbing the baby to leave the church called 911. The Missouri Children’s Division removed the baby from Simpson’s care that day but eventually they let Simpson take the child back.

The third case involves the death of 2 year old Shea Shea Yates. The killer was her own 7 year old brother who set the family home on fire. If you read this article you will understand why this was a preventable tragedy.

Joining us today to discuss this disturbing subject will be two guests. Jan Barrett has written about many missing and abused children cases and I am sure that she has much to say on the subject.

Also with us this week will be long time news reporter and News Talk Radio host for WOW-FM Des Moines, TJ Hart. TJ has covered many well known missing and abused children cases in his 30 years behind the radio microphone.

Please join us at 4pm Eastern to listen in, the listen live link is here.

Simon Barrett

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