When Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building killing scores of men, women and children. The American Justice system sought him out and the rule of law put him to death.

We have since that tragic event become a Republic beguiled by Christian evangelical neoconservatives, Who are neither Christian, conservative or even very competent in the execution of conspiracy. 

The rule of law not the whim of George W. Bush should decide if and when a person stands before the bar of justice. Is Jose Padilla a self confessed terrorist who deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars for plotting an event of mass destruction? 

I like the United Nations and most civilised people place little credence in confessions extracted under years of torture and brainwashing. The minority of Americans who distrust this President is swelling toward a majority with every lie and deception exposed on and almost daily basis.

With the singular exception of the G.O.P choir over at FOX even the mainstream media is beginning to shoulder a share of responsibility and plead mea culpa for the current state of affairs by reporting as fact the fantasy of spin masters and pundits these last few years.

We have allowed a small clique of feckless cowards to manipulate a single tragic event into a crises which will drain our National resources for years to come. While Justice in America is currently provided by the prestigious alumni of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair school and homeland security is in the hands of the Elmer Fudd brigade, in little more then a year the white house will again be home to a President who places loyalty to the constitution above pernicious self interest.

P.S Burton the Phoenix Sentinel


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