I have to admit that I was hugely entertained by the latest court developments in the Caylee Anthony murder case. Yesterdays filing by Casey Anthony’s ‘world famous within his own mind’ lawyer Jose Baez had me rolling on the floor in laughter. In summary it boiled down to Baez griping that another attorney is a bigger media whore than he is!

The target for Baez’s ‘Shoot, Ready, Aim’ approach was well heeled Florida attorney Mark NeJame. The actual filing was supposedly concerning access to Tim Miller’s TES files, but in reality that was just window dressing to try another round of ‘throw stuff at the wall and see if anything sticks’.

I got a heads up that this classic piece of idiocy was coming down the pike a week ago. On Aug/3 Jose Baez’s investigator Jerry Lyonsร‚ย  contacted fellow journalist David Lohr. The conversation was banal at first. David had been on the ground for the first two TES searches, did David smell anything strange while out with the TES team? Did he see any strange birds in the area?

David Lohr is a reporter that I have great respect for, and he is no-ones fool, especially not Jose Baez’s. This conversation was leading somewhere, but where?

The conversation suddenly changed to Mark NeJame. Was it true that David had been approached by NeJame to ghost write a book about the Calyee Anthony case?

OK folks, this is not new news, David Lohr was asked the same question by police quite some time ago. The answer is yes, NeJame did ask him, but NeJame also allegedly asked a number of other people the same question. David politely declined the offer, and NeJame retracted the offer when it became clear that there was some friction between David Lohr and Tim Miller. NeJame apparently was looking for a ‘tell all’ on the Anthony case, but it had to have a positive spin on Tim Miller.

I could speculate on the ‘friction’ as I have heard similar stories from other journalists, however I will leave that story for someone else.

Yesterdays court filings were a joke! Well a joke to everyone except David Lohr. In my mind Jose Baez threw the mud at the wall but it bounced back and is now all over his and Cheney Mason’s armani suits.

Of course being a journalist covering the Anthony case, being mentioned in Baez’s copious ramblings has become a rite of passage. For example my wife Jan Barrett is a primary reason why Casey can not get a fair trial in Orlando!

Jose, take my advice, get back to defending your client, after all thats why you are raking in the tax payer dollars. In my mind yesterdays filings were frivolous and had nothing to do with the actual case. Who gives a damn if Mark NeJame is punting a book? In fact was rumored that Baez was doing the self same thing until the Judge put a screeching halt on that idea.

One has to wonder who Baez is going to try and throw mud at next? My guess is the Maytag repair man! Well lets face it, the adverts show that he has time on his hands. He could have moved the body. Oh damn, I might just have given the defense an idea.

For those of you that like a good joke, News 13 have the details.

Simon Barrett

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