Jose Baez started his legal career slowly, very slowly. I am too lazy to look up the dates, but Jose did not exactly do well in passing the Bar Exam. Possibly that was due to him drinking Coors Light, but that is pure speculation! One thing is clear, a young attorney needs to get some ‘face time’ with the media.

The key is to find that ‘big case’, one that the HLN harpies will buy into. Jose did that, he went from ambulance chaser to headliner by taking on the Casey Anthony case. I think it is fair to say that Casey Anthony hardly enamored herself to the public. Sure she walked away found not-guilty in the court of law, but she is most definitely guilty in the court of public opinion.

Jose Baez has found himself in a bit of a bind. Sure he has the notoriety that he so desperately needed, but rather than being lauded as the ‘great defender’ of truth and justice, he is viewed as a ‘leper’ both within and without the legal community. Even his ‘would be’ meal ticket seems to have deserted him, preferring instead the overtures of the slightly rambunctious, rich, and ‘finger loving’ Chenny Mason.


Thrown out with the trash, poor Jose is facing bleak times. The cable news stations do not seem to be breaking his door down to invite him to the party. Instead, poor Jose finds himself in a bit of a no mans land. No reputable organization would entertain him in a wood shed.

Of course Jose Baez is much in demand for interviews, but it is Caveat Emptor (buyer beware). Jose Baez has few friends, and fewer still in the media. Poor Jose just does not seem to know when to stop. A fine example was this delightful interview.

The word ‘OUCH’ springs to my mind. Why would anyone with half an ounce of brains let themselves be led like a lamb to the slaughter house? Of course one has to factor in the time that Jose Baez was unable to pass the Bar exam and ran a Bikini Store……

Simon Barrett

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