The Caylee Anthony story has evoked many emotional reactions from people in the ‘street’. My wife Jan has been following the story from the day it broke. I, for the most part, have stayed out of it, but, the combination of a slow news day, and nothing on TV but football made me go exploring the Caylee Anthony story. I have nothing new to add, everyone and their talking head dog have weighed in on this story.

Nancy Grace gives us the daily and usually regurgitated news about the case. The high spot of watching Nancy Grace is her very rude manners with just about everyone in general, and anyone possibly involved with the defense ‘industry’ in particular. Coby (Lawrence Kobilinsky) is one of her favorite whipping blocks. This is hardly surprising, the guy has the credibility of a ham sandwich at a Jewish wedding! I have to admit that for once I have to agree with Ms. Grace, Coby comes out with the most ridiculous statements, and is a paid member of the Casey Anthony defense team.

While Nancy loves to wax (not so) lyrically Monday to Friday, for the most part she represents a bunch of ‘Talking Heads’. They just rehash what is already old news. They seem to offer little new.

With this in mind, I went digging!

Jose Baez is at best an ambulance chaser. His record with the Orange County Court is less than stellar. The court records show his involvement in 46 criminal cases, and very few did the defendant win.

JOSE CARLOS CRUZ is a great example, this case goes all the way back to 2004, the guy was busted for drug possession, and found guilty, four years later he has only paid $290 of the almost $1,100 fine. One wonders if Jose got his fee’s?

The same goes for FRANKLIN DAVID FERNANDEZ who in 2005 was busted for burglary, fined $1300, and to date has paid $95.

My favorite though is Mr Gassan Jaber, his dues are a touch under $110,000.

I know that everyone deserves fair representation in court. I also know that the justice system sometimes fails us. What saddens me is that when a 2 year old girl goes missing, bottom feeders like Jose Baez get a piece of the action. He clearly doesn’t pick his battles well, and has a long string of losses to his credit. The Orange County court site is not the easiest to navigate, but I only found a few situations where he managed to get people off the hook!

On a lighter note, I believe that McDonalds are looking for janitors, maybe Mr. Baez should consider picking up an employment form. However, I suspect that in the small print, which no one reads, is a comment about ‘telling the truth’, this might be a bit of a road block!

For those of you with too much time on your hands, I collected this information from the Orange County Court Site.

Simon Barrett

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