My wife and I have been following the sad case surrounding Caylee Anthony from the day it broke in the press. Oh that day was actually 31 days after the two year old had gone missing. Now I know that everyone has their own idea of when to pull the ‘fire alarm’ but 31 days seems a trifle long.

Jose Baez stepped up to the plate to represent Casey Anthony. In fact he seems to have more than stood in the batters box. He has been accused of various violations. His ‘touchy feely’ style got a sharp rebuke, ‘Thou shalt not fondle your client’. As far as I can tell he was visiting a client, it was not a conjugal engagement.

Of course the major question I have, is who is paying the bills? While Jose Baez may have the hots for Casey Anthony, someone has to pay the rent and light bill. Indeed that concept percolates through the entire Dream Team. The last time I checked pathologist Dr. Henry Lee, attorney Linda Kenney Baden, and pseudo expert Lawrence Kobilinsky etc do not work for free.

Now there has been much yabber about the term ‘Pro Bono’, in legal terms it means doing stuff for free. I am the expert of ‘Pro Bono’.  Jan shouts at me on a daily basis about it. But I do indeed need to bring in money to pay the rent and put food on the table. Sure I could do everything ‘Pro Bono’, but Jan and I would not have a roof over our heads, no electricity, no Internet, and nothing to put on the table. So where is the money coming from in the Caylee Anthony case?

Jose Baez tells us ‘It is none of our business’. Of course Jose Baez is hardly an angel in this unfortunate case. The Florida Bar Association is dealing with yet another series of complaints. The latest set seems to have some really interesting aspects. Rumor has it that even the judge involved, Stan Strickland has complained. When you add this to complaint from the PI Dominic Casey you have to take a time out and wonder about the capability of Jose Baez.

The death of Caylee Anthony has become a media circus. It seems that everyone is set to make money from the death of a small child. Book deals, movie deals, the rumors circulate like water in a hot tub.

As the old saying goes ‘a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you are talking real money’

So who pays? Who is paying Jose’s rent, who is paying the utility bills? Who is buying the new suits?

We will be discussing all this tomorrow on our radio show on Blog Talk Radio. We welcome any comments or questions from our listeners. To listen into the show go to  a few minutes before 3 pm Central and you will see the link on their front page to our show. We look forward to hearing from all of you.

Simon Barrett

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