That is the banner title on Mr. Baez’s web site! In the light of his involvement in the missing Florida child Caylee Anthony case and his defense of likely tot killer Casey Anthony this in my mind is a stretch of my imagination. Justice in this case will begin when the jury returns a guilty verdict.

I like the internet, I don’t know how we survived before it became popular. It is without doubt a great source for information. As indeed is Jose Baez’s web site I personally found some real ‘gallows’ humor in the fact that on his home page he has a link under the title Success Stories, High Profile Murder Case, that goes nowhere! I guess he is just planning for the future?


In fact a further examination of his web site reveals that none of the links, not even the Contact Us link works. One wonders why he even has the web site to begin with?


So just who is Jose Baez, he seems to to talk a good game, but is he as good as he would have us believe. Maybe not. He loves the high profile cases, thats for sure. Something like the Caylee Anthony case is right up his ally, but can he produce?

His history is a little shakey to say the least. Prior to becoming involved with the Caylee Anthony case, he represented Nilton Diaz, a Lake County man arrested in the death of boxer Wilfredo Vazquez’s granddaughter. Nilton Diaz has been found guilty, and is awaiting sentence.

Prior to the Diaz disaster Baez represented Kissimmee Mayor George Gant. This 2007 trial was entertainment at it’s finest. Gant had been suspended from office and accused of sexual battery in connection with a gynecology exam in 2002. This air tight case fell apart when the prosecutions star witness suddenly refused to testify. So score one for Baez, but it was hardly due to his legal abilities.

In 2006 Baez took on an equally improbable case. Elvira Garcia stood accused of kidnapping her room mates 6 week old daughter. This particular case was dropped by police when it became evident that the entire event was a domestic squable.

So where does this leave our illustrious attorney? Well based on my research Jose Baez really does not have much of a background. The only serious case that actually made it into court, Nilton Diaz, he lost!

It is clear though that Jose Baez is looking to break into the big leagues. To do that, he is going to have to clean up his act, going on national TV and saying things like “the grand jury system doesn’t work”, or “It is not in my clients best interest for her to tell what she knows” hardly endears him to either us poor mortals, or the judges that he might appear before.

While I vehemently disagreed with the 1995 acquittal of OJ Simpson, I did have great respect for his lawyers, Johnny Cochran and F. Lee Baily. These guys exuded style and panache. They worked the crowd.

Jose Baez on the other hand just exudes sleaze!

Simon Barrett

Information for this article was obtained from the Orange County Clerk Of Courts web site.

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