Here in the Barrett household we have some unwritten rules. If the subject of the article is to bring a baseball bat out and smack someone verbally with it, the task usually arrives on my desk. My wife Jan Jan tends to take on the more gentle and compassionate aspects of a story. It actually is a system that works well for us, I take the heat, she takes the praise 🙂

The Caylee Anthony case is one that we have covered from the very early days. Many of my articles have been focused on the shortcomings of the people involved. Jan on the other hand has tried to focus, maybe not on their brighter sides, but very much on little Caylee Anthony rather than the adult idiocy that for a large part was the little girls short life.

I had another project today, one that was time critical, and so pulled my usual trick of retreating to my office (The Front Porch). Peace, tranquility, and the dulcet tones of the Garbage men collecting the trash.

I have made no bones about what I think of the defense team involved in representing tot mother Casey Anthony. I don’t like them, I don’t like their tactics, I don’t like their manners, in fact I see few redeeming features at all. My last article was written with humor but the sentiments were very serious.

It was with some surprise that I noticed Jan had added some fuel to the fire. You can read it here.

Way to go Jan!

At this rate I’ll be the one writing the nice articles….

Simon Barrett

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