(London, UK) The highly acclaimed British guitarist, Jon Sterry will perform at the first ever Redbridge Community Dinner for Autism, on Saturday 12th July at 7 pm, at All Saint’s Church Hall, situated in Inman’s Row, in Woodford Green in Essex. Sterry is a sought after session musician and music teacher in the UK. He also plays for a local Woodford Green band. Sterry has an impressive repertoire, he is an accomplished musician.

The Redbridge Community Dinner for Autism aims to raise start up funds for a new autism charity to be launched in London called the UK Autism Foundation. The trustees have a wealth of experience in the world of business and the community in the UK. Banker Norman Darling is Chair of Trustees with ex-Microsoft Corporation Executive Mike Bowyer, community worker Mark Baster and School Governor Susan Bowyer. Spearheading the new UK Autism Foundation are the two autism campaigners, Lee Scott MP for Ilford North in the House of Commons and Ivan Corea.

Lee Scott MP is one of Britain’s leading autism campaigners. His Autism Bill will have a second reading in the House of Commons later this year. In March last year Scott launched a hugely important autism debate in the Palace of Westminster. Together with Ivan Corea, Lee Scott met with Prime Minister Tony Blair on autism after he quizzed the PM on autism in Prime Minister’s Questions. Scott has campaigned tirelessly for autism.

The UK Autism Foundation aims to build a state of the art Autism Centre in London, build an autism school in Redbridge and create initiatives to help the poor in the UK and in the Third World.

Lee Scott MP is appealing to the world’s businessmen to partner with the UK Autism Foundation to make the vision for autism a reality.

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