Warner Todd Huston’s commentary in Audio format? That’s right, folks, you can hear the same sort of content on our podcast that you read every day here by clicking over to The Voice of Liberty Podcast Network each and every Monday morning for our newest episode.

The Voice of Liberty Podcast Network is the collaborative effort of John McJunkin of Avalon Podcasting, Andrea Shea-King of the Radio Patriot, Ken Marrero of The Blue Collar Muse, and myself, Warner Todd Huston of Publius’ Forum.

I hadn’t mentioned this yet much because I wanted to see how it was going to work out. But, I feel gratified with the finished product of the 5 podcasts we have done thus far. Here is the synopsis for episode #5:

In episode #5, Warner Todd Huston asks whether Americans can voluntarily give up their rights. Andrea Shea-King delivers some straight talk about communism and liberalism. Ken Marrero reminds us that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And host John McJunkin wraps up the episode with reason number 4 in his 50-part weekly series, “Why Mrs. Clinton Will Never Be President.”

John McJunkin of Avalon Podcasting has been the tech guy behind this collaborative effort. Here is how he describes our venture:

The world is changing – the Internet has increasing sway over political opinions, and it’s time for the conservative side of the world to leverage it in order to influence people. The right-wing blogosphere is sailing along at full steam and has largely counterbalanced any advantage that the left presumed would accrue to them by blogging. The one area that remains wide open for the right to step in and dominate is the audio-only podcast, which is very similar to another medium that we own – talk radio. The difference is that anyone and everyone can do it, just like blogging. As a matter of fact – we like to think of audio podcasting as “verbal blogging” if you will. We are going to “promote conservative American values and principles” just like it says in our masthead. We invite you to join us each week for 20-30 minutes of punditry and opinion from the right.

So, please do add our Voice of Liberty podcast main page to your blogroll and visit us each and every Monday for our newest episode.


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