There are few musicians that have left their mark, a so well ingrained mark on not just one generation, but several as Johnny Cash. I am in my fifties, and I like him, my daughter Laura is in her mid twenties and she loves his music. In fact Laura likes him more than I do, she has a picture of Johnny Cash tattooed in the back of one of her legs (picture to follow)!

There have been many hit musicians over the past 50 years, but very few have had the huge effect on the music world that he had. He was ‘the man in black’, often the Black referred to more than his choice of wardrobe. Throughout his life he faced his own battles with addictions, but, this was a guy that would not give in. Those addictions were dealt with!

His long time wife, friend, and best ‘person in the whole wide world’, June Carter Cash died in May/2003, and Johnny passed away on this day the same year.

The world lost two wonderful musicians in 2003. I am not sure how many CD’s and DVD’s I have reviewed in the last year that star Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, or are tributes to them. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single one.

These were musicians with talent!

Johnny Cash we miss you!

Simon Barrett

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