This is a band that has the very distinctive feel of the 1970’s Brit-Pop movement about it. With a very up beat tempo and a strong three part harmony, this band cruises along. In some ways I found them right out of the Oasis mold. Their latest EP “asks the room to stop spinning” is a delightful romp through the world of yesteryear.

Johnny Action Figure has been around since 1999, and consists of Chris Sheehan (guitar/vocals), Brendan Fullam (guitar/vocals), CF (bass), and Mr. Wonderful (drums).

While their sound may be ‘old school’, their approach is most definitely ‘new school’ when it comes to how to market themselves. In this day and age of the RIAA’s draconian moves to prevent music getting a wider audience it is refreshing to find a band that has the savvy to realize that the way to sell albums is to let the audience try it first, the whole EP can be streamed. More bands should do this, let the fan try, and the fan will buy!

They also have a website that has links to videos of “Lose Our Face” and “Fortune”, both of which are exceedingly well done.

“asks the room to stop spinning” is a fun EP and I look forward to hearing more of this up and coming band. Take the plunge, you can have your own copy, get it here.

Simon Barrett

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