GOP Candidate John McCain promises “Straight Talk” on the Issues

At many Stops, the “Straight Talk Express” Seems to End up at the Waffle House 

Videos of McCain taking Both sides of the same issue–sometimes in the same program

A Look in words, video and pictures at John McCain’s many positions on the issues

“Let me give you some straight talk.”
–John McCainJohn McCain promises “Straight Talk” at every campaign stop.

After months of campaigning, careful readers are still waiting for him to deliver on that promise.

Perhaps, no politician has bent the truth and been on both sides of more issues more times than John McCain. The only one that even comes close is former President Bill “The Meaning of ‘is'” Clinton.

A recent look at Mr. Straight Talk, John McCain, through the eyes of Ann Coulter.

Of course, I might lie constantly too, if I were seeking the Republican presidential nomination after enthusiastically promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, Social Security credit for illegal aliens, criminal trials for terrorists, stem-cell research on human embryos, crackpot global warming legislation and free speech-crushing campaign-finance laws.

I might lie too, if I had opposed the Bush tax cuts, a marriage amendment to the Constitution, waterboarding terrorists and drilling in Alaska.

And I might lie if I had called the ads of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth “dishonest and dishonorable.”

McCain is the favorite Republican of the liberal Mainstream Media because McCain agrees with so many MSM positions.

Global warming? Illegal immigrants? Tax cuts? Free Speech?

John McCain comes down–and comes down hard–on the side of liberals on every one of the above issues.

With a GOP nominee like McCain, who needs Democrats?

In fact, on almost every issue, John McCain and Hillary Clinton are virtually in perfect, harmonious agreement.

One of the few differences is people who disagree with them: where Clinton thinks that those who disagree with her are part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”, McCain thinks they are “racists”, “dishonorable”, or “dishonest”.

Robert Novak and others think that John McCain is unstoppable because of some recent victories in a couple primaries–primaries which allowed Democrats and Independents to vote for the Republican nominee.

Let’s look at a breakdown of how McCain fared among Republicans in Michigan, for instance.

What kind of Michigan voters preferred McCain? Voters in the GOP primary who don’t like President Bush, who oppose the war in Iraq and who report that they have no religion at all. Oh, and those who say they are not, in fact, Republicans.

Let’s look at video proof of some John McCain “Straight Talk”.

Is it “Straight Talk”? You be the judge.

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John McCain’s Double Talk Tango


John McCain’s Double Talk Tango

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