While you may not know it from the debates, John McCain feels he posse’s superior understanding of what will be required of the next President in dealing with threats to our national security. He assures us, friends all, In matters of protecting us from another 9-11 he has the skill, scars and intellect to keep the gates of our city on a hill safe from the wanton desire of those incessant Islamofascists. The senior Senator from Arizona would have us accept at face value his assertion when it comes to national security matters, Barack Obama simply doesn’t get it.

One of the many problem this blogger has with John McCain’s judgment when it comes to national security, was a position he took towards the Bush administration’s insane attempt to outsource some of our nations seaport management to the United Arab Emirates in 2006. 

America learned of the loony idea to put our safety in the hands of an Islamic regime, only after democratic Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference to expose the scheme. And then all hell broke loose in congress when it was revealed Coast Guard intelligence officials had attempted in vain to warn officials in the Bush administration of “significant security risks associated with the management of U.S. port operations by Dubai.

But foreign policy master and country first super patriot John McCain was all for the idea, he even remarked on ABC this week at the time “I think our priorities are misplaced. We’ve got a tremendous crisis in Iraq that I’m happy to say the religious clerics have stood up against this violence. We’ve got the Iranian threat. We have got Nigerian oil at stake. We had an attack on a Saudi oil installation. We’ve got some very, very big issues that I think are perhaps more important than whether a country that’s freer than China should have control of some of our terminals”.

According to the freedom house 2006 global survey of political rights and civil liberties, if John McCain thought the UAE met the definition of a free nation. It may just be Sarah Palin has the better grasp of foreign policy on the GOP ticket.

But really Senator McCain’s ignorance of Dubai being anything but a free country, is secondary to his opinion that turning management and security of our Sea ports over to a foreign power, could be considered by anyone to be a responsible and prudent exercise of judgment on national security.

That’s my view, yours may be different

P.S. Burton

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